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FRIENDS: I hope you enjoyed this website. I would love to hear from you. If you have a question, or if you have a story to tell, leave a comment here. For the benefit of all, I usually respond here. Or, you can send an email to me: stepdancesue at gmail dot com. Find The Crankie Factory on Facebook and You Tube. I post a lot of crankie things on INSTAGRAM SueTruman1015. And by all means MAKE A CRANKIE! Thank you!
Written by Sue Truman on Nov. 22, 2021
Thank you Ellie! I looked at your website and wow! Totally love your illustrations. I hope you will make crankies!! I will answer in 2 parts because there is a limit to how much verbiage I can put in each.
I choose the Tyvek because light shines through it so well. I am a big fan of backlighting because it highlights the scroll. Also, a darkened room de emphasizes any visual clutter around the box that might distract.
Written by Ellie Kirby on Nov. 22, 2021
Hi to Sue--thanks so much for your wonderful website! I have looked at it many times for entertainment, inspiration, and instruction. I'd like to make some crankies and am experimenting with materials. I love your crankie "Barn Quilt Trail." Just wondered if you would mind sharing how you created colored areas such as the trees. Did you paint or dye tyvek, cut it out and glue it to a tyvek background? Just a guess. Any suggestions welcome. I really like the artistic materials/techniques in that piece, whatever they are.
Thanks so much for any advice! Ellie Kirby
Written by Sue Truman on Nov. 20, 2021
Hello Ina! Thank you for sending the article, I loved it. 11th century, wow! Yes, there are scrolls from many cultures dating back even earlier. I would say they are a precursor to crankies because they do not have a cranking mechanism. Very cool! Some day I need to look into the history of scrolls from around the world. Have a wonderful weekend!
Written by ina oppliger on Nov. 19, 2021
11th century “Exultet Rolls”- are these the first crankies?
Written by ina oppliger on Nov. 19, 2021
11th century “Exultet Rolls”- are these the first crankies?
Written by Sue Truman on Nov. 10, 2021
TO KAY MACINTOSH: Hello! I looked at the website and I see that Chesterton is in Maryland. (I am in Seattle). I would contact Katherine Fahey who is in Baltimore. Her email is I also have a page about her on my website under “cranksters”. Good luck with you fest, wish I could attend!
Written by Kay MacIntosh on Nov. 10, 2021
Is it possible on short notice to have a cranky display / activity at our Dickens festival in Chestertown md Friday night and/or Saturday day, Dec. 3-4?
Written by Bryan Hermannsson on Sep. 29, 2021
Any Crankies or Crankie kits for sale???
Written by Sue Truman on Sep. 26, 2021
Hello and thank you for inviting me to write an article for your E Magazine! I may be able to do that. I will need more information about the content/focus. Also, how long would like the article to be (how many words) and your deadline (when do you need it)? I will send an email or please send an email to me, thank you!
Written by Praveena on Sep. 26, 2021
I am contacting on behalf of Puppetry E magazine named Puthalika Patrika, This is a monthly issue, along with puppetry, we also have sections for other forms of storytelling. We would like to include about Crankie which is similar to Indian Scroll Painting Storytelling called "Pats" or "Patchitra Katha". This is slightly modified version, Kindly share with us a write up on the same with 800-1000 words by mailing to

Written by Ann on Sep. 16, 2021
Great...will let you know if it happens...maybe some of uk people near Sheffield who visit your site may bring theirs along...or email me
Written by Sue Truman on Sep. 16, 2021
Hello!! Having a crankie day or weekend sounds like a wonderful idea! ❤️❤️ I am not aware of an event like that in the UK. You should do it!!
Written by Ann on Sep. 15, 2021
Great, inspiring website you have!. I made my first crankie earlier this year, including a friends papier mache models.
I am thinking of trying to start a crankie day, maybe expanding to a weekend in future, in Sheffield uk. Do you know of any crankie festivals in the uk already?
Written by Sue Truman on Sep. 7, 2021
Your English is perfect and ten times better than my French!😀
Tyvek might be quieter, it depends on the box and other things, but yes, I do think Tyvek would be a bit quieter. Tyvek makes more of a swishing sound. Best of luck ❤️ Sue
Written by Catherine on Sep. 7, 2021
Hello Sue. I am French and I work in a library, I am building a modest crankie box to tell a story to children. The craft paper I used is very noisy. Can you tell me if the Tyvek is quieter?
thank you in advance for your answer and apologize for my english