Clockwise: Anna and Elizabeth, Katherine Fahey, Peter Schumann and Dmitri Carter with the puppet!

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Ines Zeller Bass and Eric Bass

Ines Zeller Bass and Eric Bass are Co-Directors of the Sandglass Theater in Putney, VT.  Since 1982, the theater has been producing award-winning puppet shows. In the past few years they have hosted three, sold-out crankie festivals.  Visit their website

Sam Bartlett

Sam watched Bread & Puppet Theater cranky shows as a teenager growing up in Vermont in the 1970s. This inspired him to begin building cranky theaters and drawing his own cranky shows, as well as teaching countless others to do the same. Sam has made collaborative crankies with small communities  across the country from Gustavus, AK to Plymouth, MA for the past 20 years.

John Bell and Trudi Cohen

John Bell and Trudi Cohen of Great Small Works performing "Ode to Common Things" at the opening of "Banners and Cranks: Paintings and Scrolls in Performance, Feb. 23rd, 2017.

John Bell was part of the Bread and Puppet Theater from 1976-1986 where he got his first exposure to crankies.  He is now Director of the Ballard Institute and Museum of Puppetry at the Univ. of Conneticut. He is also a member of Great Small Works in NYC. They have been performing crankies for decades.

Trudi Cohen was a full time member of the Bread and Puppet Theater's resident company for ten years. She is also a member of Great Small Works.

Dave Buchen

Dave specializes in crankies that have multiple scrolls.

Puerto Rico - Dave is co-organizer of  Banners and Cranks - A Traveling Cantastoria and Cranky Festival.   The first Banners and Cranks Festival was in 2010.

He has created many crankies focusing on the poertry of Charles Baudelaire (Baudelaire in a Box).

He is also a printmaker  You can see some Banners and Cranks poster's here.

Alison Clark

Alison creates beautiful crankie boxes that take on the theme of the story.

Alison Clark is a storyteller , puppet and crankie-maker based on the Island of Bute in the West of Scotland. She writes and illustrates her own stories, usually based around Scottish legends. You can see more of her work on her Facebook page, Triple Aspect Puppet Company.

Clare Dolan

Clare Dolan

Glover, VT -  Clare Dolan is one of the founders Banners and Cranks - A Traveling Cantastoria and Cranky Festival. She was with the Bread and Puppet Theater from 1990 to 2002 and has performed crankies for decades.  She is a specialist in cantastoria performance in addition to crankies and teaches/performs in festivals, schools and community-based programs. She is curator of the Museum of Everyday Life

Tom Eure & Amelia Osborne

Amelia studied fine arts at Western Carolina University and has done everything from drawing album covers to building puppets. Tom is an award winning folk singer with over 36 years of making music. As a producer, and musician, his work has appeared on over 50 albums.
Charlotte, North Carolina
Steeped in Celtic and Appalachian roots, this multi-instrumentalist folk duo began making crankies to enhance the storytelling ability of their music. Combining their passion for music with Amelia’s years as a visual artist, crankies are the perfect marriage of the duos lifes work. Check out Tom's crankie webpage for inspiration!

Bronia Evers

Bronia Evers is a storyteller, designer, maker and puppeteer based in London, UK. Her work combines spoken word storytelling with hand crafted performing objects including crankie theaters, puppets and miniature story worlds. You can find out more about her work at

Ellen Gozion

This is Ellen's Pretty Fair Miss crankie. Thousands of tiny pieces glued to rice paper. It took 18 months to complete.

Pittsburgh, PA  - Appalachian ballad singer and banjo player. She has made some crankies by using paper mosaic and coordinated several Crankie Festivals in Pittsburgh.  Watch her Pretty Fair Miss crankie here.  Visit her website.

Joanna Hruby

Joanna Hruby with one of her miniature crankies.

From Devon in the UK, Joanna Hruby is a musician, painter, puppeteer and folk art artist extrodinarre.