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Written by Penny Anderson on Oct. 27, 2013
Thanks for the wonderful resource. Now I can answer questions about crankie history more intelligently! I wonder if you're aware of J.I.M. Stewart's autobiography in which he briefly mentions seeing a large rolling panorama of the sinking of the Titanic?

Would you be willing to link to my YouTube of my first crankie?

Thanks again,

Written by Jonathan Youtt on Jan. 22, 2013
The Big Tadoo Puppet Crew has a bike powered cranky which is a part of the Safe Routes to Schools school assembly program which tours elementary schools throughout Oakland, Berkeley and the rest of Alameda County, CA promoting bicycle and pedestrian safety to young students. Check out a snippet.
Written by Marcia T. on Sep. 7, 2012
Hi Sue! Loved the first cranky - and the tune, Valse Beaulieu. It was taught at a Sierra Fiddle camp quite a few years back. I have some student that went there from Texas, and that was one song that they passed on to me. Loved it. I thought it was about the Beluga whales!!!! NOT! How funny is that? Still know the tune, anyway. LOVE THE CRANKIES!!!!!!!!
Written by Ellen on Sep. 5, 2012
Are crankies traditional? or did you make them up? they look so old-timey, but there's nothing on your site that says so... if they are, can you put a little history on your welcome page? thanks!